marnie mueller

Selected Works

Panel presentation
A discussion of the moral dilemma involved in revealing a subject's secret in a biography
A daughter journeys to Puerto Rico to help her mother die
A novel set in the Tule Lake Japanese Segregation Camp in California
a novel set in the rainforest of the Ecuadorian Rainforest
A short essay about the difficulty of creating fiction out of historical autobiography
Readers Guides
My Mother's Island was a 2002 Paz & Associates Readers Group Choice
The Climate of the Country was a 1999 Paz & Associates Readers Group Choice

My Mother's Island

"Mueller's writing has never been more pristine or her psychology more acute as she charts with courage and stunning poetic clarity the final round in an exceedingly difficult mother and daughter relationship..." Donna Seaman, ALA Booklist "Starred Review"

"If you're looking for something really substantive that explores the mother-daughter relationship, read this novel. It's all here: guilt, love, fear, resentment and the hope that everything will be better. A powerful and beautifully written work that begs to be discussed." Fran Keilty, Atticus Bookstore, Middletown, CT in nominating it for a BOOKSENSE SELECTION 76.

"...Mueller has crafted an exceptional book about the spirituality of death and dying that gets inside the reality of losing a parent with an intimacy and depth that no self-help treatice can hope to match." Publisher's Weekly

"...a daughter's death watch: loving, angry, remorseful, and profoundly reavealing of our lives as adult children. Marnie Mueller's honest and unsentimental novel helped me fathom the meaning of my own mother's recent death and should similarly serve other readers in negotiating the strong currents and unpredictable eddies of this milestone of primary loss." Wally Lamb