marnie mueller

Selected Works

Panel presentation
A discussion of the moral dilemma involved in revealing a subject's secret in a biography
A daughter journeys to Puerto Rico to help her mother die
A novel set in the Tule Lake Japanese Segregation Camp in California
a novel set in the rainforest of the Ecuadorian Rainforest
A short essay about the difficulty of creating fiction out of historical autobiography
Readers Guides
My Mother's Island was a 2002 Paz & Associates Readers Group Choice
The Climate of the Country was a 1999 Paz & Associates Readers Group Choice

Green Fires: A novel of the Ecuadorian Rainforest

“In an intense novel, Mueller addresses a multitude of themes and skillfully weaves political intrigue with moral debate...Mueller’s uncompromising vision blends plot, well-defined characters, and moral authority seamlessly and intelligently.” -- Belles Lettres

“This is a remarkable achievement--a novel which presents the indigenous peoples of the rainforest without cliché or stereotype, romanticism or ideology. It dares to depict their struggle for survival with all its complexity and contradictions, moments of fear and cruelty, courage and love. With honesty and art, Marnie Mueller has written a story not just about the war waged against the rainforest and the indigenous peoples but against--and within--each one of us.” -- Larry Cox, Executive Director, The Rainforest Foundation

“I loved the book precisely because it takes a big issue and examines it through characters and emotions that even a couch potato will find absorbing and entertaining.” -- World View

“Mueller captures with rare honesty the complexity and cultural manipulations that occur when an oppressed people must fight for survival and forces of greed vie for the riches of a quickly disappearing paradise. -- Kirkus Reviews

“An engrossing piece of fiction...A very powerful tale with an even more powerful message, Mueller succeeds in painting vivid images in the hearts and minds of her readers.” -- Copley News Service

“I’m rereading Mueller’s book because the first time I was seduced by memorable characters, high adventure, an intense experience; this time I will ponder the rich political and ethical issues raised with honesty and art by this deeply personal fiction.” -- Crosswinds

“Passionately written, profoundly political, deeply disturbing...” -- Maine Progressive

“Taken together, the journey and the recollections of the travelers form a mural of human loss in the modern era.” -- The Dallas Morning News

“Marnie Mueller’s ambitious first novel succeeds on two important levels: It is a chilling well as an ecological education for the reader new to the trials of Latin America.” -- The Bloomsbury Review

“This is a harrowing document and a powerful comment on the problems of our time...Also, the presentation of the psychological and moral problems of the American protagonist in the Third World, plus the captivating narrative, makes for a significant novel.” -- Choice

“Along with gems of exquisite jungle description, and compelling rendering of a woman’s inner struggle...Mueller effectively narrates an unfolding moral struggle in a far-off third world locale...Mueller has produced a rare first novel...” -- Inner Journeys

“Mueller is excellent at building suspense and painting with vivid hues.” -- The Indianapolis News

“Green Fires is a superbly crafted novel of adventure and suspense, cultural manipulation and indigenous survival.” -- Midwest Book Review

“Mueller skillfully re-creates the sense of being in the jungle...She is well acquainted with corruption and the way things work—and don’t work—in the South American country...Her characters ring with authenticity...” -- The Hartford Courant